A Message from the Founder

A Long Journey

Four years ago I began walking a road that was without a doubt set for me, not by me. Fueled by a combination of lived experience with mental health and a passion for helping people I arrived here… the creation of A Beautiful Mind Foundation

In 2016 I had the privilege of joining a Las Vegas mental health support group. The men and women there taught me about resiliency in life with mental illness and helped steer me down a path of mental health advocacy. I will be forever grateful.

Life experiences outside of the group helped put into focus the reason for this journey. The tragic death of a childhood friend, the suicide of a high school classmate and debilitating family health issues cloaked under the stigma of mental illness all taught me something else: People of color are not able to access the life-saving care needed to manage, thrive and survive with mental illness. Cultural differences in religious beliefs, perceptions of masculinity, generations of systematic racism in healthcare and a general lack of access to culturally competent services make it difficult for communities of color to address mental illness.

A Beautiful Mind Foundation is built on the hope that we can change that.

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A close friend recently told me I was on a “mission.” He was right. In less than five focused and fearless months, supported by family and friends, I gave birth to A Beautiful Mind Foundation. This accomplishment is a powerful and humbling milestone along a journey of living, struggling and thriving with a mental illness. Now you are part of this journey. I am eager to see where this road will take us, but I have no doubt we will change lives as advocates for a society that understands mental illness and supports all people who are on the road to good mental health. 



  Sept. 3, 2019

Photos courtesy of Charles Cornelius @digitalcornelius