Mental Health &
Cultural Competence 
What is mental health?
What is mental illness?
How common are mental illnesses?


Competence in Mental Health

"...cultural differences influence every individual, both provider and client. With the proper training for mental health workers and educational materials for members of minority populations, culturally sensitive services can be effective in treating and possibly preventing episodes of acute mental illness."



    - The UPenn Collaborative on               Community Integration

Mental Health Research—

Diversity Matters

"Like the causes, the consequences of mental illnesses differ for minorities as well. Nowhere is this more evident than for one of the most devastating effects of mental illnesses: suicide." 


   - National Institute of Mental Health




"Cultural competence is not acquired in a limited timeframe or by learning a set of facts about specific populations; cultures are diverse and continuously evolving. Developing cultural competence is an ongoing process that begins with cultural awareness and a commitment to understanding the role that culture plays in behavioral health services." 

     - Substance Abuse and Mental     

        Health Services Administration

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