Founding Donors

In the fall of 2019 friends from across the country stepped up to be among the first to support a mission and vision held by mental health advocate Adrienne M. Augustus. These friends are

A Beautiful Mind Foundation’s Founding Donors.  

These contributors helped sow the seeds for what will be the grants gifted to organizations that recognize the importance of cultural competence in mental health education and treatment services.


The individuals listed below donated during the Foundation's launch and inaugural fundraiser which culminated with Mental Illness Awareness Week in October 2019.

Benefactors: $1,000 - $3,500
Adrienne M. Augustus
Aaron N. Taylor
Allies: $200 - $500
Judith Augustus                                   Naomi Johnson     
Dennis and Sonja Augustus               Reggie Ellison   
Linda Turner                                           Ruth Marquis 
Micah Pearson                                        Yaser Almohamad 
Supporters: $100 - $199
Adrienne Kennedy
Anthony and Keitha Harewood
Barbara Zulick
Brandie Adams
Charlene and Scott van Dijk
Collette Harris
Danya Haywood
David Johnson
David Williams
Donald and Joyce Jones
Doug Mitchell and Sharlene Matten
Erika McKenzie
Ever Zavala
Janine Sala
Jason Goldsmith 
Jennifer Smits
Joshua Irons
Keith E. Wingate
Kelly Koscuiszka
Kirk Mitchell
Lars Holmberg
Lynne Saunders
Mary Lou and Bob Bodak
Monalisa and Gino Disaverio
Rick and Donni Weaver
Robyn Walker and Charles Cornelius
Rod Kerezsi and Shannon Cummings
Steven Marcus
Susanna Lee
Friends: $5 - $99
Alicia Snyder
Abigail Stahl
Aileen McChesney
Alejandra Lopez-Fernandini
Alexia Vernon and Steven Oliveira
Alva DeJarnett 
Amber Blake
Andi Villasenor
Andrew Schwab
April Augustine
Barb McGibbon
Bogdana Voicu
Brian Townsend
Brian Williams
Chantal Hart
Charlene Cowell
Charles Simmons
Cherree Adams
Cheryl Maxwell
Christina Overton 
Constance Hart
Courtney and Kael Dixon
Dana McCaw
David Smith
Eddie Smith
Gary Wingfield
George McCrea
Grace Frances
Gwen Bethea 
Irnande Altema
JB Moore
Jennifer Fernandez 
Jennifer Snow Butler
Jessica Hart
Joan Marquis
Juanita Chinn
Juergen Barbusca
June Dillard
Kathie Hiatt
Kathryn Holmes Johnson 
Kathy Nguyen
Katie Simpson
Kayla Savoy
Kenneth Jenney
Kevin Curtain
Kiara Estill
Kimberly Cohn
Kimberly Miles
Kimmy McLean
Kirsten Noland
Laura Healey
Lauren Wolk
Leon Marquis
Lisa Grammer
Lorena Hernandez
Luciana Jones
Lynon Bayliss
Marcie Goodin
Maria Martin
Megan Messner Tankard
Melissa Goldberg-Taylor
Michael Song
Mike Katayama
Nicola Netto-White
Patricia Douge
Rashida Dorsey
Ray and Teri Smaltz
Rebecca Maloney
Ronald Smith
Ryann Tanap
Sanya Hamilton
Sara Mallick
Saunji Fyffe
Seema Murthy Naslund
Stacey Jones
Stacy Small
Tiara Brown
Tshikuna Muanankese
Vernedia Basnight
Victoria David
Victoria Melendez
William Loomis III